Designer: Martine Bedin

Martine Bedin is a notable industrial designer, architect, and professor. In 1981, she became a founding member of the illustrious Memphis Group and introduced famed designs with the collective through the 1980s. We are proud to have achieved a 100% sell-through rate for her designs at auction.
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Three Things to Know About Martine Bedin

She experimented in a range of materials including marble, metal, ceramic, and wood.

Bedin was one of the youngest members of the Memphis Group and one of the only two women next to Nathalie du Pasquier. In describing her experience she has said, “At that time, to be the only woman in a group was not something we gave much thought to, we treated it as something completely natural. I did not feel deprived of rights or participation, I was not barred from going anywhere.”

The Super Lamp (1981) is one of her most iconic designs, but received mixed reviews at the time of its first release. Bedin described the lamp’s unique design as "like a small dog that I could carry with me."

That kind of vocabulary was very new to me, but in a way very close to me. I'm a Mediterranean girl, I like colours, and probably something touched me. It was something I could work with easily.

Martine Bedin on Modernism

Martine Bedin b. 1957

Martine Bedin’s designs are best known for their colorful, kitschy, and expressive attributes. The Bordeaux born designer first studied architecture in Paris before moving to Florence in 1978 where she was introduced to members of the Radical Architecture movement including the founders of Superstudio, Studio Alchimia, and Archizoom Associati. After an introduction to Ettore Sottsass and sharing her bold designs, she became a founding member of the Italian design collaborative Memphis Group in 1981. The Super Lamp and Terminus Lamp, produced in the same year, became two of her most iconic designs. Her work has been included in major exhibitions at institutions such as the Centre Pompidou and included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Today, Bedin lives and works in Paris as an architect, industrial designer, and professor.

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