Angelo Testa 1918–1984

Angelo Testa, the son of Italian immigrants, was born in 1918 in Springfield, MA. After completing his primary and secondary studies in Springfield, he enrolled in the New York School of fine and applied arts. In 1940, he relocated to Chicago and several years later, in 1945, became the first graduate of the Institute of Design, where he studied under László Moholy-Nagy, architect George Fred Keck, and weaver Marli Ehrman. He founded Angelo Testa & Co. in 1947, which would remain in business until his death in 1984. He applied his extensive skills as a painter, sculptor, weaver, and designer to the abstract and non-objective textile patterns he created. Designed primarily for the architecture and interior design trades, his client list was practically a who’s-who of leading mid-century modern furniture and fabric producers, such as Herman Miller, Knoll Associates, and Jens Risom. His fabrics won numerous awards, including four Good Design selections from the Museum of Modern Art, and his paintings have been exhibited throughout the world.

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