Mira Nakashima

Since 1990, Mira Nakashima has furthered the legacy of her father, the preeminent American woodworker George Nakashima, whilst standing on her own as an artist. It was in that year, upon her father’s death, that Mira, a gifted craftsperson in her own right, took charge of the studio her father established in the 1940s. Since then, she has produced his classic and traditional lines while extending the family tradition through her own design solutions.

Mira studied Architecture Science at Harvard and, at her father’s urging, went on to earn a graduate degree at Waseda University in Japan. After graduation, she returned to her family home and accepted a part-time job working for Nakashima Studios. Apprenticing under her father taught Mira that, even for creative people, there is a certain amount of discipline and repetitive learning required to master one’s craft. Though George Nakashima was a man of few words who rarely praised her work, Mira was never discouraged. She understood that her father’s philosophy valued the common goal over the personal: a direct contrast to the Western culture’s celebration of the ego.

Embodying this philosophy, Mira, a master of her craft, has not been concerned with making her own brand. She sees her work as a continuation of her father’s, feels his presence in the studio, and continues to honor his legacy with Nakashima Studio designs. Mira’s respect for her history and heritage, coupled with her artistry, has carried Nakashima Studio into the 21st century.

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