Ed Moses at Rebecca's Restaurant

Part of the post-war Southern California art scene, Ed Moses was granted the opportunity in the 1980s to be built directly into the firmament of the era's easy, breezy Venice Beach set. In 1983, restaurant owner Bruce Marder commissioned Frank Gehry to design Rebecca's, the would-be famous nouvelle Mexican eatery on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Venice Boulevard frequented by celebrity clientele. Gehry, in turn, tapped several Los Angeles artists to add their touch to the restaurant, which the the New York Times lauded as a "tour de force" of interior design. Rebecca's boasted front doors designed by Tony Berlant, a black velvet interior painting by Peter Alexander, and outrageous aquatic creatures by Gehry himself. For his part, Moses contributed his Tarantula window, which was installed inside, as well as its partner metal Tarantula panel that ornamented the building's exterior. Though Rebecca's was demolished in 1998, Moses's singular contributions remain as artifacts of that beloved institution and works in their own right. 

Frank Gehry crocodile inside Rebecca's

Rebecca's, interior