I am interested in the eternal cyclical events of birth, growth, decay and death.

Peter Chang

Peter Chang 1944–2017

Peter Chang was born in 1944 and grew up in Liverpool. His bright, fantastical works are informed by his studies in sculpture and graphic design at the Liverpool College of Art in the 1980s. Even while at its lowest economic ebb, Liverpool was a cultural hub for underground music and fashion and the creative, raw atmosphere; Chang began making jewelry using plastic from the discarded signs of closed shops, manipulating the materials in technically exciting ways. Chang’s work is equally inspired by the modern aesthetics of East and West (he is of Chinese and British heritage) and his biomorphic forms of imagined flora and fauna create realms that are both refined and vulgar—an end and also a beginning. In 2003 he received the Herbert Hofmann Prize, Munich and his work is held in collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim.