Craft, Tradition, and Innovation

The Jewelry of Tone Vigeland

Very few jewelers transcend the jeweler designation to the nomenclature of artist, let alone become world-renowned for their craft. Even fewer women achieve this level of praise and notoriety. Tone Vigeland is part of this barrier-breaking group. She is one of a few jewelers to have a retrospective exhibition at a world class museum, The Design Museum, Munich, accompanied by the book Tone Vigeland: Schmuck / Jewelry, Objekt / Objects, Skulptur / Sculpture.

Born in Oslo, Norway, to a family of artists, she was creative from a young age which helped to propel her to jewelry making during her teen years. Vigeland’s choice medium is metal, more specifically silver, and later, steel. Influenced by other Scandinavian female jewelers, her purpose was not only to adorn, but to create jewelry for a “modern woman”.

Vigeland’s designs have grown from a more traditional Scandinavian influence to individual expressions exploring chainmail, and her contemporary approach to jewelry is crafted with strength and armorial references, while maintaining fluidity and femininity.

Tone Vigeland. For me, that has always been enough, just to say her name...I only need to think it. Tone Vigeland. This instantly brings a splendid image of great jewelry.

Thomas Gentille, jewelry artist