I use dead creatures in my pieces to evoke wonder. The creatures are transformed and reborn; given a new life as objects of astonishment.

Märta Mattsson

Märta Mattsson

Märta Mattsson explores the concept of attraction and repulsion in her art jewelry—that moment when our mind says “Ah and ugh” at the same time.

She uses real insects in her pieces, and like a 17th century collector seeking wondrously odd and exotic preserved animals, horn, skeletons, and minerals, to create dialog and intrigue.

A Swedish native, Mattsson honed her jewelry making skills and ideas at The Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2010 with a master’s degree. She was granted the prize – Swedish Young Artists in 2016. She continues to work with the exotic and her most recent collection speaks to Brood X, or the Great Eastern Brood of cicadas that have been below ground for 17 years. Using cicada wings, her collection both captures the beauty of the insect and gives new life and longevity to the insect in its death.

The work of Märta Mattsson is held in museums around the world including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, Schmuckmuseum in Pforzheim, National Museum in Stockholm, and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.