Diary of a Shut-in

Paul Harris' Tamarind Suite

Paul Harris created the Shut-in Suite during his 1969 fellowship at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop. Collectively, the suite's 20 works offer an intimate, if abstracted, view on the artist's immediate environment during this period: the prints show still life scenes from Harris' surroundings, cropped and enlarged as unique compositions. Harris drew on the plates with various materials including lithographic pencil, Harris Triple Ink, asphaltum, and lithotine, and incorporated collage in some cases as well. On his choice of subject matter, Harris reflected, "I had not intended to make [the] Shut-in Suite...there was just no time to go out into the world. I shuttled between the apartment and the print center for three months. At the end of the second month I realized that my world was first, a crummy apartment and second, my imagination."