LAMA is proud to present On the Arts: The Diana Zlotnick Collection, an exclusive presentation of works from the voracious collector, community builder, and champion of Los Angeles-based contemporary artists. The May 3rd auction will feature nearly 300 lots, including significant works from 20th century luminaries Wallace Berman, Richard Pettibone, and Andy Warhol, alongside a formidable selection of groundbreaking West Coast artists who helped shape post-war American art.

With the art work as the perceptual toy, collecting becomes a playful activity.

Diana Zlotnick, Newsletter on the Arts, October 15, 1995

Nowhere, perhaps, is Diana Zlotnick's passion, curiosity, and zeal as a collector more apparent than within the pages of Newsletter on the Arts, which she wrote, published, and disseminated on a sometimes monthly, sometimes seasonal, basis from 1971–2019. Through Zlotnick’s idiosyncratic chronicling, the newsletter conjures a particular and exhilarating moment in art history; she shares not only exhibitions and performances in Los Angeles (as well as L.A. artists working in New York and abroad), but also birth announcements and obituaries, grant recipients and Guggenheim fellowships, acquittals, forthcoming publications, wanted ads, investment advice, personal invitations, and—significantly—her own art criticism.

This auction is accompanied by a full-color catalog:

“I never tire of, never want to relinquish, the range of experiences, from joy to despair, from quiet meditation to impending destruction, that are manifest in [Wallace] Berman.”

Diana Zlotnick, Newsletter on the Arts, May 27, 1992

“For over half a century [Michael] Frimkess has been romancing with his beloved ceramic destiny…Most of Michael’s pots are decorated by his genius wife from Venezuela, Magdalena. The couple has been together for thirty years. Magdalena’s comic decorations are essays in appropriation with subject matter from the twelfth century to the present. The decorations are mixed and scattered into a highly personalized visual essay with linear and colored forms that flow like water.”

Diana Zlotnick, Newsletter on the Arts, June 3, 1996

On the Arts: The Diana Zlotnick Collection

Auction / Los Angeles
3 May 2022
11 am pacific

Preview / Los Angeles
22 April – 3 May 2022
10 am – 5 pm, Mon – Sat
Sunday by appointment

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323 904 1950