Lita Albuquerque has noted that within her body of work, electric blue pigment is a signifier of the earth and that the bee is "a charge of electricity and light that is coming out of the earth to go into the cosmos." Reflecting on these cosmic connections in 2005, Albuquerque recalled: 

There was a passage from Plato's Timaeus in which he speaks of each soul coming from and returning to one star; the other was the speculation that the shafts inside the Kings's Chamber of the Great Pyramid were aligned to certain stars in the sky and were meant as passageway for the soul of the deceased Pharaohs to return to its star. These two parallel ideas made me think that perhaps the Egyptians believed it was the bee (Symbol of Egypt) that was the carrier of the soul back to its star.

…those who could see then
saw the spherical particles break open,
into multitudes of scarabs
into swarms of bees,
into multiplicities,
releasing the mathematical information they held
on the memory of the origin of light.

"Particle Memory Poem," Lita Albuquerque, 1995