“This was a picture taken by my teammate, James McDivitt, on the third revolution of Gemini IV. I had a specially designed spacesuit which had 21 layers of thermal and micrometeoroid protection. My face was protected by a double gold-plated visor which provided protection from the unfiltered rays of the Sun. In my hand I held a small self-maneuvering unit which gave me control of my movements in space. On my chest was an oxygen chestpack that regulated the flow of oxygen to my suit and provided an 8-minute supply of emergency oxygen. I was secured to the spacecraft by a 25-foot umbilical line and a 23-foot tether line, which were secured together and wrapped with a golden tape for thermal insulation. On the top of the Hand Held Self-Maneuvering Unit was mounted a 35mm camera to record the event from outside the spacecraft.”

—Ed White (Cortright, pg. 151)

From the mission transcript (photograph taken at 004:34:45 after launch):

004:34:24 McDivitt:

Okay. Let me get some ..... to you, Ed. I ought to be getting some tremendous pictures of you. Let me try again with the Hasselblad.

004:34:31 White:

Okay. I think I’ve exhausted my air now.

004:34:33 McDivitt:


004:34:36 McDivitt:

Stay right there.

004:34:40 White:

I had very good control with it. I just needed more air (on the self-maneuvering unit).

004:34:45 McDivitt:

Okay. Stand by. Let me take a couple of pictures, ole buddy.

004:34:48 White:

All right.