McDivitt shot this photograph with a NASA-modified Hasselblad 500C from inside the spacecraft, while Ed White was himself taking a picture of the Gemini capsule with a Zeiss Contarex 35mm camera.

National Geographic, September 1965, ppg. 444-445

From the mission transcript when the photograph was taken (at T+004:44:41 from launch):

004:44:02 White:

I’m trying to get some pictures. I’m right above my hatch now.

004:44 08: McDivitt:


004:44:15 Capcom (Mission Control):

Gemini 4, Houston.

004:44:16 White:

Yes, sir. If I had about another couple of bottles (for the self-maneuvering unit), Jim .....

004:44:20 McDivitt:

That would really be it, huh?

004:44:22 White:

Yes. I’m still not satisfied with the pictures I’m getting. I’ve only gotten about three or four.

004:44:24 Capcom:

Gemini 4, Houston.

004:44:33 McDivitt:

Is that right? I’ve taken a lot but, they’re not very good. You’re in too close.

004:44:40 White:


004:44:41 McDivitt:

I finally put the focus down to about 8 feet or so. Oh yes, that’s great, the clouds on water behind you.