This amazing photograph of Gemini VII above the Earth horizon was taken from Gemini VI-A while the spacecraft were about 43 feet apart. In the nose of Gemini VI-A, two circular radar receivers and a larger, round parachute installation are visible.

LIFE, 7 January 1966, ppg. 26-27

“We finally achieved the key step that will lead us to the lunar landing mission. [...] The sight was utterly fantastic to fly in close formation as we have done for many years in fighter aircraft. But at 17,000 miles an hour. The photo illustrates that man can control a space vehicle with preciseness in close vicinity to another space vehicle.”

—Thomas Stafford (Cortright, pg. 165)

“Our intent was to photograph what a spacecraft looked like in orbit, separate from its reentry condition.”

—Walter Schirra (Schick and Van Haaften, pg. 50)

From the mission transcript when the photograph was taken:

008:08:09 Schirra:

We’re looking right at your vehicle now.