Astronaut William A. Anders, lunar module pilot, is shown during intra vehicular activity (IVA) on the Apollo 8 lunar orbit mission. This still print was made from movie film taken by an onboard 16mm motion picture camera. [NASA caption]

 “I think you all overemphasize this emotional, what-does-it-do-to-the-psyche and all that sort of stuff. We’re engineers and we’re test pilots. You’re not doing anything different from taking up an airplane. And going out to the Moon is certainly a first, and it’s awe-inspiring, and it’s great. But I mean, there’s no great emotional change. Nothing in zero gravity or space changes anything you think, or anything like that. [...] I mean, it’s just another extension of our exploration.”

—James Lovell (Chaikin, Voices, pg. 162)