This remarkable view was photographed with the 60mm lens and the transparent glass reseau plate engraved with grid markings of the lunar surface Hasselblad 500EL Data camera from the LM Intrepid (whose thruster is partially visible at the bottom right) not long after Revolution 12 Acquisition Of Signal (AOS) with the Earth.

Intrepid was still docked with the Command Module Yankee Clipper before its descent to the lunar surface. The western wall of the giant 233-km Crater Pasteur is in the foreground.

“I don’t think any of us ever tired of looking out the window and watching the world or the Moon go by. One of the best things that our photography has done is come close to giving people down here an idea of what the hell it looks like from up there.”

—Pete Conrad (Schick and Van Haaften, pg. 40)