This frame of the panoramic sequence was taken by James Irwin at station 10 on the edge of Hadley Canyon on the north rim of the so-called 45-m diameter “Rim Crater.”

Station 10 was the last stop (for photography only) made by the astronauts before returning to the Lunar Module, about 1.8 km to the east. David Scott is carrying the Hasselblad with the 500mm telephoto lens in order to capture high resolution photographs of the canyon. The edge of Hadley Canyon is in the left background. Behind Scott, the Rover has its high gain antenna pointed at Earth so that Mission Control can monitor the scene with the TV camera mounted at the front of the Rover.

“I was surprised that time went so fast. We never had enough time. And, boy, we had trained to make sure we were efficient. And when we got there, we never had enough time to explore a site like we would have liked to. Because it was so exciting. There was so much there. And you just wanted more and more and more and more...”

—David Scott (Chaikin, Voices, pg. 96)