This magnificent frame is from the panoramic sequence taken by Young at station 1 in the otherworldly scenery of Plum Crater.

Charles Duke watches his photographer, “raising his right hand to waist height in greeting.” (from the ALSJ mission transcript at 124:03:12 GET)

The scoop previously planted by Duke to provide scale in pictures of the lunar surface is visible next to him. The photograph shows the beauty and stark bleakness of the lunar surface. With antenna pointed toward Earth, the Lunar Rover in the background beams a TV picture to vicarious explorers around the world.

Time, 15 May 1972, pg. 61

Duke stands near the rim of Plum Crater. The Hasselblad camera and documented sample bag hangs from the remote control unit on his chest. The Sample Collection Bag (SCB) hangs from the primary life support system on his back. The scoop is stuck into the lunar surface near his left hand. The reflection of the photographer can be seen in his visor. (NASA SP-315, pg. 4.11)

From the mission transcript (photograph taken at T+124:03:12 after launch):

124:03:01 Duke:

John, you are just beautiful. That is the most beautiful sight.

124:03:07 Young:

What’s that?

124:03:08 Duke:

You standing there on the rim of that crater.

124:03:09 England (Mission Control):

Doggone. I’ve never heard John described as beautiful. [...]

124:03:12 Duke:

(To England) Well, he’s not really… Well, actually, he is on this thing; I’ll tell you.

124:03:21 Duke:

(As he waves) Hi, there.