Blanket Wrap Shippers

Blanket wrap shippers individually wrap your pieces to protect the surfaces during transport. They provide door-to-door service, from scheduling a pick-up with us at the gallery to delivering it to you at your convenience. Cost varies and is determined by the size of your shipment and your location. Payment for these services may be required in advance.

This service is best for medium to large furniture or for fragile pieces best delivered by hand. Blanket wrap is only available via ground service within the contiguous United States.

Lorry Delivery
Services Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.

Contact: Jash Absher
p 310 213 7220

Tramo @ Home
Offers both national and international service, including a regular cross-country shuttle.

Contact: Gilbert Alcaron
p 310 469 6050

Billy Mac Delivery
Services the Mid-Atlantic region, Florida, and California.

Road Dog Antiques
Provides coast-to-coast transportation.

Pack & Ship

The shipper professionally packs the items and arranges transport via freight service. They provide door-to-door service, though you are responsible for unpacking your purchase and often for the disposal of the packaging materials. Cost varies and is determined by the size and location. Typically, payment for these services is required in advance. This is the preferred method for international shipments.

This service is best for small to medium sized items (both furniture and objects) and these shippers transport via ground, air, and sea, providing both international and domestic service.

Goodman Shipping
National and international packing and shipping with major carriers like FedEx and UPS.

p 323 662 9000
Contact: Coby Goodman

Navis Pack & Ship
National and international packing and shipping with major carriers like FedEx and UPS.

p 213 338 7525
f 213 338-7521

Post Pack & Ship
National and international packing, crating and shipping, including shuttle service from Los Angeles to San Francisco area.

p 626 440 1115
Contact: Tom

UPS Store Northridge
National and international packing and shipping with some weight and size restrictions. Suitable for durable, small items of moderate value.

p 818 894 4993
Contact: Mo

The Packengers
National and international packing and crating services for items of any size and weight.

p 310 985 5677

Fine Art Handling

Fine art shippers provide the safest, most customizable service of all our vendors, but this may come at a premium. They specialize in custom crating, boxing, and wrapping, and are especially experienced with fragile items that cannot be packed and shipped via freight (i.e. high value works of art, glass, etc.). These vendors can provide white glove service both domestically and internationally.

This service caters to fragile, high value works of art and design. Each vendor will offer a customized and specialized delivery plan depending on specific need.

Beverly Packing
Based in Los Angeles, Beverly Packing offers packing, shipping, delivery & storage services.

p 323 658 8365 
p 323 497 6100
Contacts: Mike and Wendy

Craters & Freighters
A nationwide franchise, offers specialty crating, packaging and shipping services.

p 818 244 4099
Contact: Sako Berberian

Gander and White
With locations around the globe, Gander and White offers fine art and furniture moving, storing and shipping.

p 323 773 1902
Contact: George Lacovara

PureFreight, Inc. 
Full service, professional white-glove fine art and object handling and transport services based in Los Angeles.

p 310 804 5386 x102
Contact: Higor Leao

This is only a suggested list. Rago/Wright/LAMA assumes no responsibility for acts and/or omissions executed by the vendors listed. Rago/Wright/LAMA recommends that you insure your items while in transit. 

Works may be located at one of our other locations: Rago or Wright. View our shipper lists by location to find a vendor that will collect from the location of your property. 

Shipper List / Rago

Shipper List / Wright

If you have any questions regarding shipping, we are available to assist.

Shipping Department
t 323 904 1950
f 323 904 1954