2021 was a big year for LAMA

We presented 1,070 lots over 6 auctions, totaling more than $7,500,000.

Top Results

We set new world auction records for art and design!

New Records

We offered works from the collection of a pioneering LA gallerist.

Works from the Collection of Joni Gordon

Celebrated for nurturing the careers of emerging artists, Joni Gordon left an indelible mark on the Los Angeles art scene through her commitment as gallerist, collector, and co-founder the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. LAMA proudly presented a selection of 30 works from the personal collection she built along with her husband Monte, many by artists whose careers Gordon personally championed, among them Martha Alf, Tony Berlant, Llyn Foulkes, Joe Goode, and Ed Ruscha.

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...and achieved excellent results for women artists. 

We shared the stories behind exceptional works. 

Brush with Brilliance: Roy Lichtenstein's Brushstroke Across Medium

Ken Price's Broken Cups

Ed Ruscha Gets Juicy: Ed Ruscha, Made in California

Part of the Scenery: Ed Moses at Rebecca's Restaurant

Jack of All Trades: Jack Brogan, Master Fabricator

The Joyful Pluralism of Keith Haring

Setting the Tone: A Primeval Llyn Foulkes

A Shift in Perspective: The 'Photographic Drawings' of David Hockney

But the biggest news of the year?

We joined Rago/Wright!

In August, we joined Rago/Wright and held our first auction as part of the company on October 24th. Worlds collided in the best possible way.

With the addition of LAMA to Rago/Wright, we've brought together the three strongest independently-owned design brands in the auction industry. This marks a whole new chapter, and the future looks bright.

Our website got a makeover...

...and you showed us what you like best on Instagram.

Curious about how the year went for Rago and Wright? 

We can't wait to see you in 2022!